Funny wedding

Nobody wants to organize a complete snooze-fest wedding which makes guests feel bored. A wedding should be solemn, gorgeous and possibly joyful or even sophisticated and romantic. Anyway a wedding should be memorable in the course of all life! In order to make this occasion unforgettable funny competitions must be prepared.

There are many various traditions and rituals associated with weddings. Some of them seem amusing whereas other arouse bewilderment. But almost everybody follows these traditions. It is so primarily because every tradition has its own symbolic meaning and serves as a means to draw happiness and wellbeing to a future family. Everybody would like to believe that the common life shared together will be long, happy and prosperous.

In order to make a wedding really funny it`s possible to arrange wedding competitions. They should be well-thought and properly prepared. It`s necessary to take into account guests` tastes and preferences and surely desires of newly-weds as this occasion is their own holiday and their general impressions should be positive. Make sure your guests are aware of peculiarities of the funny wedding. If you are going to organize entertaining competitions on grass or ground let guests know so that they could choose appropriate shoes. Besides it`s nice for invited people to know what you expect them to do. The more you warn guests in advance about original activities the more people are going to be in relevant mood to both participate and entertain themselves.

Make sure that your proposed entertaining activities or other elements of funny wedding are funny for guests. The difficulties that arise are that people have different sense of humour. Regardless of what you do you can`t entertain everyone. While some guests are satisfied with "dance till the sun comes up" party, for others it may seem strenuous. A quiet dinner party accompanied with board games makes them feel more comfortable.

For successful celebration you can choose from a great variety of funny traditions. For example, guests can propose cheerful pledges or participate in a simple amusing dance. One of the main secrets of wedding ceremony is that people take pleasure in weddings if they are emotionally invested in the reason of celebration when guests are well affected towards newly wedded couple.