Funny sports

Practicing sport and watching different competitions is very fascinating. But occasionally sport can be ridiculous and funny especially if new kinds of sport are invented by people with good imagination and sense of humour. There are quite original funny amusements in spite of the dominance of traditional kinds of sport. Funny kinds of sport present an excellent opportunity of combining the necessity and the pleasure. If such kinds of sport become widespread our future generations will be more optimistic and healthy. There are popular national games in every country which seem to representatives of other countries unusual and funny.

Dragging of wives is a fun kind of sport which is held annually in the USA. Married couples take part in a race. A husband carries his wife on his back or in his arms in front of him or on his shoulder. What is more, a race is complicated with obstacles, for example, a husband should jump over a fence, run on sand or in the mud, swim across a pond etc. A participant of the game who will reach the finish line the first without losing the wife is the winner.

Possibly funny sports present a real ethos of sport. In the photos representing funny sport competitions absurdity and funny side of sport situations are emphasized by seriousness of their participants whereas every movement of sportsmen is properly rehearsed.

For example, Summer Redneck Games are arranged in the Lawrence district. Teams participate in specific folk competitions where anyone can sprawl out in the mud.

Outhouse Races have gained popularity in Washington State. In Virginia City ostriches races are arranged. The rules of underwater hockey don`t differ too much from common hockey. Players must score the goal in rivals` gate. Performance named Kaiju Big Battel created on the basis of Japanese movies is popular in America. It is based on fancy-dress wrestling of various monsters.