Funny quotes

There are countless funny quotations, aphorisms and phrases which are invented by famous and ordinary people. Unfortunately when a common man invents a ridiculous quotation it seldom becomes widespread. Surely it`s necessary to have a good imagination and a sense of humour for creating such statements. The funniest quotes you can find in mass media and published in appropriate books. Some quotes are passed on by word of mouth.

Laughing at different funny quotes helps us to overcome bad times and even solve problems. Whatever the phrases or saying, we can just smile or have a good laugh and not have worries bother us as funny quotes help us to relax. The majority of people love amusing quotations. They make them laugh passing along a phrase that is memorable. Undoubtedly everyone is fond of reading something making people laugh now and then.

Quotations can relate to various aspects of life: work, love, education, doctors and pilots, technologies and nations etc. There are funny jokes about business and business situations and employees. Some people share funny sayings and quotes in order to raise mood of their friends.

There are also hilarious quotations which concern various holidays. For example, funny Easter or Valentine`s day quotes. Even if you don`t celebrate a definite holiday various quotations specifically invented for this day will make you laugh. Jokes and quotes about people`s character and stereotypes are fun to read and might be used in different situations and parties.

Relationship of a married couple presents an immortal source of hilarious quotations. Being married is fun and happy, funny quotations about marriage and married life can cheer you up, encourage and motivate you to stay with your soul mate. Surely such quotes are not to be taken seriously. They offer us a glimpse of the better side of marriage.