Funny people

Many people forget that telling jokes is not the only way of humour. There are countless ways of making people laugh without telling anecdotes: from dancing to funny facial gesture. Some people tell humorous stories because they notice funny things happening around them. Somebody quotes amusing statements of famous people which they find in collections of quotations or while watching relevant TV programs. Besides, newspapers, magazines and websites are excellent sources of learning anecdotes, funny quotations and humorous stories which are used by people who are considered to be funny.

Some people invent funny stories in order to cause laughter. Despite listeners understand that these stories are not real they laugh at them.

There are few people who will argue that a sense of humour is one of the major human properties which can make interest with practically anybody. People who tell jokes at appropriate time and possess wittiness always attract attention and make the party go. Such people can more easily find the common ground with other people. Funny person can ease the situation by his amusing behaviour. For that purpose he tries to choose a suitable joke but it`s not so easy as it might seem. It`s necessary to emphasize absurdness of one of another situation or thing to evoke a smile of surrounding people.

Pain can be the basis for humour. It is true that if no one gets hurt, it isn`t funny. Both physical and emotional pain can be funny. When happens something unexpected and a person is surprised, that`s funny. When you tell a joke and nobody laughs, it`s funny as you expected another reaction. Some things are funny in definite situations. For example, if somebody stumbles while walking. Some people have funny surnames. Even serious people can be funny if they say something wrong or behave themselves awkward.