Funny food

Surprising things can be made of common fruits and vegetables. Funny food creations are able to entertain and even make you laugh. Everything you need for cooking funny food is some imagination and patience. Funny food can be very ridiculous and diverse. If you are a parent you can cook such a food for your child and he will giggle having breakfast or dinner.

Schoolchildren and students can laugh while making amusing snacks or desserts. Cooking funny food can even turn into a real art as you can find countless exciting creations on various websites where a great number of photos representing ridiculous dishes are placed. For example, cucumbers turn into airplanes, pears into amusing guitar players. It`s possible to create faces on pancakes using fruits and berries or make an egghead.

There are even conducting workshops for kids on the Lower East Side of New York where teachers explain how to use imagination for funny food creation. Children who visit workshops always have fun and are very creative.

You can encourage your child to prepare funny snacks or sandwiches. Think over its name. Even a simple sandwich can turn into a work of art if you have some cookie cutters on hand. There are numerous videos teaching us how to entertain yourself creating funny dishes.

Special occasions and holidays present a nice opportunity for cooking funny food. For example, children can cook amusing dishes for Mother`s Day. Your relatives and friends will be astonished if you serve some of funny foods which can be easily made.

It`s possible to arrange a funny food party as it`s a nice way to celebrate different occasions. Dishes must be intriguing and involve your imagination. You can invent your own recipes or use mixtures recommended by cooking websites. Besides the look of food plays a great role in overall pleasure of eating.