Funny fails

We face awkward situations at each step. If various spiteful people wouldn't laugh and focus on our fails we would be less anxious about it and not afraid of being in a certain pickle.

Every parent likes looking at his child when he gains experience, but this experience is not always successful. Sometimes children get into ridiculous situations. It's necessary to explain them that everybody makes mistakes and it`s not a big deal. Funny amusing accidents and fails while having a rest or participating in entertaining activities and holidays present a good occasion for laughing.

Everybody tries to demonstrate that he is different from others. Facing a shameful fail in an effort to outsmart somebody is happened to everyone. Whether the destiny punish us for self-admiration and pride or life teaches us to be more careful but anyway looking at oneself from the outside we can hardly help laughing.

Some people try to become famous or at least distinguish oneself for several seconds of fame. For that purpose some individuals without a moment`s hesitation try to appear on television while other people get there accidently and feel embarrassed. Awkward escape from camera, funny falling, epic fails and other hilarious accidents follow such people. People who decided to dedicate their life to sport not only stepped onto the right path of building the body of their dream but also make themselves liable to injuries. For example, they can drop a dumb-bell on their leg or even head. Many of them didn't overrate their strength and ended in a fiasco. These unsuccessful sportsmen amuse surrounding people by their actions.

Unpredictability makes our life bright and interesting. Occasionally we are out of luck and sometimes we get all the breaks. People get into unexpected and humorous situations. For example, everybody of us paid attention to foreign internet shops. On these websites various things which seem glamorous at first sight are offered for sale. On seeing a dress of your dream that is ideally fitting to the model demonstrating it we place an order in the online shop and look forward to that day when we`ll be able to try it on. When we get a purchase it unfortunately not always turns out to be suitable.