Funny celebrities

Owing to specificity of show-business stars activity celebrities always should look perfect in order their photos could be placed on the covers of glossy magazines. But celebrities are common people with their weaknesses and drawbacks who can`t constantly be fully prepared for photo sessions and taking video. The moment arrives when they take smart clothes off, stop controlling situation and simply relax.

Besides, facial gesture, involuntarily movements of hands and body are inherent for everybody. It`s precisely at moments like these curious reporters try to catch them in order to capture celebrities by means of modern cutting edge digital photography equipment.

Sometimes photos turn out to be funny. We can find an enormous number of them on the pages of websites where stars look really funny: in ridiculous positions, with funny facial expression. Furthermore, reporters try to catch not only entertainment and sports celebrities but also famous politicians. Recently this situation has been complicated by gadgets which allow to take a photo at unexpected moments. Some people find funny similarities of a concrete celebrity and ordinary person or even cartoon characters.

Surely comics who perform in TV programs and humorists who specialize in preparing humorous material are also funny celebrities. In contrast to comedy writers who try to raise laughter humorist writers are subtle and intraconscious personalities.

Many funny actors have a solid and respectable acting career and they successfully make spectators laugh. Celebrities can be funny in awkward situations if they accidentally have disheveled hair or unkempt appearance.