Funny cars

Some owners of cars want to distinguish themselves from the crowd and therefore turn their cars into a masterpiece especially if they have a luxuriant imagination. The majority of absolutely useless and silly inventions belong to amateurs of engineering and other idlers. These mechanics stretch cars making limousines of them or attach Smart to wheels of a field-engine. People have so boundless imagination that allows them to turn their cars into a real work of art.

Some people consider that all race cars always look funny and totally awesome.

There are very amusing vans which are useful for leisure, having picnics in the countryside. Pictures of funny cars make people laugh even if they are not familiar with car models. Some people send funny cars to their friends and share views about them.

Numerous pictures on various websites present snapshots of the imagination or artistry of mechanics. None of them seems to be a photoshopped image. There are enormous collections of movie-reels represented weird and funny looking cars. Funny cars are even used for sale, for example vintage funny cars.

Some funny cars are represented on pictures in original and amusing situations which touch people`s feelings. There are so many problems and disappointments in life which upset us that occasionally only funny situations representing cars afford an opportunity to forget about affairs and challenges, help us to relax in front of the monitor screen. Hilarious movie-reels are released in the most remote corners of the world where cars and accidental eyewitnesses of funny situations are present. These situations always can transform into a funny video that will boost spirits of any person. Even the most sorrowful person who has already forgotten when he laughed for the last time will enjoy watching funny car movies.