Funny Architecture

Architectural creations are not necessarily should be serious. Weird buildings are situated all over the world. In our everyday lives we come across unusual creations which make us laugh while looking at them. Some architects have a fertile imagination and can easily create incredible buildings that set wondering or even provoke laughter. A building can be made in the form of a flower or a basket. For example, cube houses, lopsided houses and houses built in the form of spaceships are really fascinating and ridiculous. A house can be turned upside down and placed on the top of another building. Creative sculptures and statues are distinguished by their unexpectedness, paradoxical features and incredible imagination of their creators. They also can be extraordinary funny if they made in the form of animals or people.

Nowadays these creations present architectural joke or architectural grotesque but they are great thanks to their illogicalness! Flight of architects` imagination is overwhelming. Some hilarious buildings attract tourists from all corners of the world. Numerous websites present photos of wacky, funny and odd architecture.

Monuments and sculptures in different cities characterize local residents as good-humored people. Unfortunately there are not many cities with a great number of humorous monuments.

All businessmen try to make the best advertisement for their products. Some of them have gone to extremes they create constructions in the form of things which they want to sell or promote: shoes, tea or fish. Such creations look very amusing and really attract attention.

Sometimes neglectful and incompetent architects make mistakes which afterwards seem funny. Some people even collect photos of the most absurd mistakes. For example, a wavy pavement or a telephone box situated in an improper place fantasy of cack-handed professionals is really boundless.